By letter dated March 13, 2015, Canada Revenue Agency recognized the Canadian Society for the Defence of Christian Civilization as a “registered charity,” effective January 1, 2015. Our charity number is 807291737RR0001.


We mail official tax receipts every January to all donors whose combined donations in the preceding calendar year totaled $30 or more.


The M at the centre of our crest stands for Mary, our Queen and Mother. The crown symbolizes the Kingship of Christ and Our Lady’s queenship over the hearts of men, and the golden lily represents the ideal of Christian Civilization. Blue is Our Lady’s traditional colour, and Our Lord’s is red. The white of the Latin Crusader’s cross symbolizes purity of doctrine and orthodoxy in the one true Catholic faith. The shield symbolizes the heroism we are called to show in being faithful to our baptismal vows and the Sacrament of Confirmation, while the gold of its frame symbolizes the nobility of this fortitude in the faith. The M’s position at the centre of the white cross symbolizes St. Louis de Montfort’s famous phrase: “To Jesus, through Mary.”


Jose Antonio Ureta

Jean Goyard

Georges Martin

Marc Lascelle

Edmundo Bianchini


Jean Goyard, President of the Board of Directors

Georges Martin, Vice President of the Board of Directors

Marc Lascelle,  Executive Director

Philip A. Moran, Jr., Secretary

Marc Lascelle, Treasurer