We are a registered charity (No. 807291737RR0001).

If you would like to make a donation to support the Canada Needs Our Lady campaign you can do this…

        • by making an online donation.
        • by cheque payable to Canada Needs Our Lady and mailed to PO Box 36040, Greenfield Park, QC J4V 3N7;
        • by volunteering time and talent in one or more of our campaigns or programs (please contact Michel Renaud at 514-883-6422 or Marc Lascelle at 905-630-3227).

Our TAX RECEIPT policy: We issue official Tax Receipts at the end of January to all donors whose total donations (received) during the preceding calendar year come to $30 or more.

Thank you for your kind and generous support. We pray daily for our benefactors and supporters.

Canada Needs Our Lady’s fundraising disclosure.