Fatima Gas Custodian

Yes, Jean! I want to help keep the Fatima Custodians on the road with a gift of a tank of gas so they can continue to take Our Lady and her message to homes across Canada.

I know that once I donate a tank of gas (or a portion thereof) I will become their next long-distance travelling partner. I want to share in their Fatima mission and in the merit of their work and prayers!

I realize that these young men have given up much to make Our Lady of Fatima known and loved across Canada and I want them to continue traveling across Canada to promote devotion and touch people’s hearts with the Fatima message and Our Lady’s rosary.

Please accept my humble sacrifice in the amount of:

  • $13 will gift a Custodian with ⅛ tank;
  • $26 will gift a Custodian with ¼ tank;
  • $53 will fill his tank half way!
  • $105 for one full tank or
  • God bless you! — $210 will give him 2 whole tanks of fuel for his mission.

Stay informed. Be engaged.

I want to help Canada Needs Our Lady spread the Fatima message.
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