Niagara Falls Ontario

This was the first time being a Rally Captain and I felt it went well. When I arrived at St Thomas More Church I was surprised to meet a husband and wife who were there and had been running the Rally for over 5 years. No one had informed that there was a Rally at St Thomas More even when I had submitted the location to Canada Needs Our Lady. Regardless they were very kind and allowed me to lead the Rosary. There were about 25 in attendance including our Associate Pastor. I did make copies of the attendance sheets but due to the weather(cold and rainy) and other concerns, they were not filled out.
The other concern being that I dont quite understand why people who come out to pray are being asked to fill out their personal information for a total stranger. Although it is for a noble cause people nowadays are reluctant so I was not comfortable pursuing it.
Aside from that I was glad to be apart of such a beautiful event which this world is so much in need of especially at this time!
Thank you